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CNC Machined Large Diameter Nylon Insert Locknuts with Thread Diameters up to 6.000 inches "Blue Collar"®

Large Diameter Nylon Insert LocknutsRecognized as a leading global supplier of special nuts and locknuts, Industrial Nut Corp. has created a full manufacturing program of large diameter nylon insert locknuts possessing thread diameters ranging from 1.5 to 7 inches. These locknuts are equipped with nylon rings that allow the part to engage the mating stud without pushing the nylon ring out of the nut body. Nylon insert locknuts are typically used in a variety of critical applications, such as piston rod nuts for hydraulic cylinders employed in construction equipment. This type of locknut is also regularly used for agricultural, mining, heavy-duty, and off-highway applications.

Industrial Nut Corp. produces an extensive inventory of large diameter nylon insert locknuts that can be applied to a broad variety of applications. However, we also manufacture special insert designs to help meet our clients' particular project needs. Working closely with our clients, we verify the annual usage and quantity required of each product to determine whether custom-built inserts can be injection molded or machined through more traditional processes. We also ascertain whether the tap size matches up to a part currently in production. By offering both an extensive inventory of already manufactured stock along with the ability to custom manufacture parts that meet precise client specifications, we ensure that every locknut accommodates our customers' particular application requirements. Additionally, every nylon ring is pre-conditioned to guarantee appropriate moisture content, prior to insertion of the ring into the nut.

Using our state of the art manufacturing equipment, which includes both CNC robotic chuckers and hydraulic and mechanical presses, we are able to meet perpendicularity tolerances of .005 of an inch or under.  Prior to finish machining we heat treat each nut to either Class 10-12 or Grade C standards.  This smooth bearing surface, combined with a close to zero perpendicularity tolerance, allows our products to achieve increased clamp-loads with lower applied installation torque, We also perform comprehensive in-house testing to ensure the quality of our products.

Moreover, by utilizing forgings closer to the net shape of our parts, we significantly lower production time and process scrap, which helps keep our costs competitively low. It is these continuous process improvements that continue to make us a leader in our industry. By combining high-quality technology with advanced manufacturing solutions, Industrial Nut Corp. continues to be a top supplier of premium large diameter nylon insert locknuts, delivering to multiple locations worldwide.

Specifications for Large Diameter Nylon Insert Locknuts:

Product Description Full Program of Manufacturing Large diameter locknuts using Nylon Rings, and forgings rather than Hexagonal Bar Stock.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Machining CNC and VMC
Heat Treatment
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part CNC Robotic Chuckers, Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses
Overall Part Dimensions
Standard: 1.500"-6.000" Metric: M36-M150
Tightest Tolerances
.005" or Under .12mm or Under
Material Used
Nylon Insert Rings Type 6/6 or Equivalent Medium Carbon or Alloy Steels such as 1045, 1141, or 4130
Heat Treat
Class 10-12 Grade C (Grade 8)
Surface Finish 60 RMS or Under
Higher Clamp loads at Lower Torque
Reduced Scrap
Lower Costs Per Part
Quicker Turn Around Times
Special Insert Designs to help engage the mating part
In process testing performed Lot testing for Prevailing Torque and Hardness and In Process Testing for Thread Fit
Piston Rod Nuts for Hydraulic Cylinders
Construction Equipment
Heavy Duty Off-Highway
Delivery Location Multiple Locations Worldwide
Standards Met Customer supplied print, and specifications
Product Name Large Diameter Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

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