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Custom Forged Wheel Bearing Locknuts for the Off-Highway Industry

wheel Bearing Locknut for Off-Highway IndustryIndustrial Nut Corp. manufactures a variety of large diameter wheel bearing locknuts for off-highway applications. By design, most parts have features to help either lock the fastener in place or provide a means to assemble the part. Industrial Nut Corp. works with forging suppliers who have the capability to forge slots, thus eliminating certain costly machine operations. In addition, INC has added a state-of-the-art machining center to replace older milling equipment, increasing our efficiency and reducing the cost to our customers.

With these featured wheel bearing locknuts for off-highway applications, we focused not only on fastener design but also on manufacturing cell development.  We utilize near net shape forge dies, as well as CNC chuckers, and VMC's. Multiple outside diameter slots were forged instead of machined to save time and a VMC was used to produce a slot which could not be forged. In addition to providing our client with a quick turnaround time, our processes reduced costs and enabled precise bearing adjustments.

The final dimensions for the wheel bearing locknuts were 3.000" to 8.000" with a .002 maximum run out. Surface finish ranged from 60 to 80 micro (RMS), and all locknuts were manufactured from medium carbon and alloy steels, such as 1045, 1141, and 4130. To learn more about this specific project, please contact Industrial Nut Corp.

Specifications for Custom Forged Wheel Bearing Locknut:

Product Description Full Program of Special Large Diameter Locknuts using forgings rather than Bar Stock.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Design/Development
Development of Production Cell
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Forge Dies and Presses, CNC Chuckers, and VMC
Dimensions 3.000" to 8.000" or 75mm to 203mm
Tightest Tolerances .002 max run out
Material Used Medium Carbon and Alloys Steels such as 1045, 1141, and 4130
Surface Finish 60 to 80 micro (RMS)
Features Multiple OD Slots
Forging Process Eliminates the Need for Some Machining
Precise Bearing Adjustment
Benefits Quick Turn Around Time
Lower Costs and Precise Bearing Adjustment
In process testing performed Hardness, Thread Fit (Gauging, Go and No Go) Run out/Perpendicularity
Applications/Industries Off-Highway and On-Highway Spindle Bearing Adjustment
Packaging 1/4 keg (9x9x9) Corrugated
Turn Around Time Unique to Part
Delivery Location Multiple Locations Worldwide
Standards Met Customer supplied print, and Specifications
Product Name Wheel Bearing Locknuts

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