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Special Large Diameter All-Metal Prevailing Torque Locknuts

All Metal Torque LocknutWhile the marketplace is flooded with standard (IFI -100/107) locknuts, Industrial Nut Corp. takes pride in manufacturing special locknuts for safety critical applications, where our clients depend on unparalleled precision and quality.

Our all-metal locknuts are widely recognized as the dependable solution for critical applications where performance is of the utmost concern. Depending on the quantity (100 - 100,000) and size (.75 inch tap up to 6 inches), we can offer special parts utilizing forgings, carbon, alloy, and stainless hex steel bars.

One of the features of our all-metal locknuts is our collar design with a triangular displacement of threads, which allows for the deformation of the thread to run more consistently and deeper into the nut. Prevailing locking torque is thus provided as the three-way displacement engages the bolt threads via a resilient gripping action, without galling. Our fleet of hydraulic presses provides consistency during the application of the locking feature, and the prevailing torque is tested at various stages throughout the process.

By working closely with our customers, we can make adjustments that balance ease of application with the prevailing locking torque required for safety.

For our customers who manufacture hydraulic cylinders, we can hold thread to bearing surface run out tolerances that are less than .005" on standard production runs. These nuts also provide outstanding resistance to heavy vibration. The locknuts can be made in a variety of configurations including flanged hex nuts, hex shapes, and center locknuts. Our customers may also request a pre-applied anaerobic adhesive for increased resistance to loosening.

Our prevailing torque nuts can be manufactured from low carbon and medium carbon steels as well as some alloy materials. The parts can also be heat-treated to Grade C, Class 10 and 12 stregth levels, as specified by the customer's print. A wide range of plating and coatings are available, such as black oxide, cadmium & wax, chromate, nickel plated, phosphate and oil, in addition to silver plated and zinc plate & wax.

To learn more about our custom manufactured to print all-metal prevailing torque lock nuts, please contact our trained staff of sales engineers today.

Specifications for Custom All Metal Torque Locknuts:

Product Description These All-Metal Torque Locknuts are manufactured to the highest of quality when compared to others on the market.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Build to Print
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Hydraulic Presses
Screw Machines
Precision Tappers
CNC Lathes
Thread Diameters .750" to 6.000" Tap
Tolerances Held .005" or Better
Materials Worked With
Alloy Steel
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Heat Treatment Options
Grade C (Gr 8)
Class 10
Class 12
Black Oxide
Nickel Plated
Phosphate & Oil
Silver Plated
Zinc Plated
Other Finished & Coatings Available
Superior Locknut Collar Design
  • Triangular Displacement of Threads
  • Allows Deformation of Thread to run Deeper and more Consistently into the Nut
Less Galling
Heavy Vibration Resistance
Pre-Applied Anaerobic Adhesive (If Requested)
In process testing performed
Testing of Prevailing Torque at various Stages through the Run Hardness, Material and Plating Certifications Available Upon Request.
Applications/Industries Heavy Duty
Packaging Per Customer Request
Volume 100 - 100,000
Turn Around Time Lead-time is determined at the time of the quote and acknowledged when the purchase order is placed.
Delivery Locations Internationally
Standards Met Customer supplied print, and specifications
Product Name Large Diameter All-Metal Prevailing Torque Locknuts

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