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Manufacturing of Special Cast Locknuts for the Heavy On-Highway and Off-Highway Industries

Tablock for Heavy Duty Off Highway ApplicationsAs one of the largest domestic suppliers of nuts and other special machined parts, Industrial Nut Corp. was sought out by a client from the heavy-on and off-highway industry to manufacture a family of large diameter locknuts.  Working closely with our client's Product Engineering department, we completed the development and production of this group of parts, meeting all of their custom design requirements.

Employing our advanced multi-spindle robot CNC chuckers, we met a run out and perpendicularity tolerance of .001 of an inch or less. We manufactured these locknuts from ductile iron castings, which helped us to remain within our client's budget constraints. Some of these locknuts feature a 4H thread fit and a special locking mechanism designed to keep the part in place with zero loosening in temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It was also important that all parts were capable of being reused.

In addition, each part was designed to have optimized speed sensor pickup capabilities. In order to accommodate all of our client's unique product requirements, our team worked closely with our customer's Engineering staff to create stainless steel casting tooling required to produce locknuts with no excess cast material in slots. One highlight in this process was the development of our production cell that applied three equally-spaced pellets to the threads of each part. These pellets allowed us to meet the temperature, reuse, and locking requirements specified by our customer.

As part of the manufacturing process, we applied a phosphate and oil coating to each locknut for corrosion resistance. Each part features a smooth, 60 RMS or under finish on the bearing surface. We also perform a series of in process testing procedures, ensuring the complete traceability, hardness, and thread fit of all our premium products. With the ability to deliver to multiple worldwide locations, we hand-packed all parts into returnable containers with part separators to eliminate damage, and delivered these products directly to our client's facility.

Using our advanced technology and expertise, Industrial Nut Corp. was able to successfully manufacture a series of customized, special cast locknuts that met very precise client requirements for the heavy-on and off highway industry.

Specifications for Special Cast Locknuts:

Product Description Full Program of Large diameter locknuts using castings rather than forgings or bar stock.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Development & Manufacture of Production Cell
CNC Machining
Phosphate & Oil Coating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Multi Spindle CNC Chuckers
Custom Production Cell for Pellet Application
Automated Gauging
Data Collection Equipment
Poka-Yoke Fixtures

Developed In-House

Thread Fit 4H, 5H, and 6H
Tightest Tolerances Run out & Perpendicularity: .001" Or Under
Material Used
Locknuts: Ductile Iron with Polymer Pellets Tooling: Stainless Steel
Surface Finish 60 RMS or Under
Special Locking Element:
  • 3 Pellets
  • Keeps Part In Place
  • Zero Loosening
  • Withstands Temperatures up to 350°F

Can Be Reused
Low Micron Part Cleanliness

In process testing performed
Verifiable Quality Results
  • Utilizing Electronic Data Gathering and Documentation Equipment
Complete Traceability, Hardness, Thread Fit
Applications/Industries Heavy Duty On/Off Highway
Hand Packed Returnable Containers Part Separators to Eliminate Damage
Delivery Location Multiple Locations, Worldwide
Standards Met Customer supplied print, Part Specifications and, Performance Specifications
Product Name Special Cast Locknuts

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