Industrial Nut Corp. has established a strict guideline of quality assurance and is ISO 9001:2015 Registered. We are also in compliance with the National Fastener Act.

Your operation can’t risk failures. You have to know that you’re getting quality products that live up to your performance requirements. INC goes above and beyond to give you this level of assurance.

There are several stages that go into the manufacturing process, and Industrial Nut Corp. is committed to high standards in all of them. We source of our raw materials from reputable suppliers. All of our steel comes from mills that we know and have worked with for a long time. These mills ensure quality and make the steel cleaner and stronger. 

Our ultimate goal always is to provide the highest level of quality in everything we make and everything we do. We work to exceed industry standards in our products and to exceed customer expectations in our service. While locknuts and fasteners may seem like simple items, they are critical components to our customers operations, and they absolutely must perform.



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